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RSI Vacations – Booking Engine Revamp


Booking Engine Revamp

The partner

RSI Vacations is a Business to Business (B2B) provider of private-branded leisure lifestyle and travel benefits programs. Success depends upon creating a positive link between people and your business.

The challenge

For over 25 years, RSI Vacations has used different technological partners to fulfill their needs. However, the world is changing, their customers and, therefore, their needs. RSI needed a way to deliver better quality products to their customers and maximize their profits simultaneously. In addition, they needed a way to manage every single travel reservation. 

The Solution

travcoding developed a custom travel white label booking engine. Integrated with SSO to allow their employees and members to join the platform seamlessly.

The platform allows the integration of multiple products and suppliers, quoting them in real-time each time someone search for a travel getaway. 



Private Branded Leisure Lifestyle and Travel Benefits Programs